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Cara Marie Young is an interdisciplinary artist from Georgia, but is currently based in Detroit as she pursues her MFA at Wayne State University.. Her work often involves rich textures, some of which blur the lines between 2D and 3D. Cara’s work explores many themes including duality, blackness, suffering, desire, beauty, and a myriad of other issues. Check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram, to see our reflections about Cara’s work, as well as direct quotes from the artist. 

Artist Statement
Beneath every type and layer of skin embodies a different story in the realms of human experience. This is the link that drives me to paint with a variety of media and one way to express the complexity of human existence including the layers of my own.  As a dark-skinned woman raised in the South of the United States, life can occasionally be lived skin-deep. This is thin layer that determines acceptance, beauty, and foreseeably a future.  Through the medium of paper, its various uses, its multiple textures and connections to human skin, these mediums merge to express the social displacement of skin color and the physical limits of paper itself. I hope that my work will reveal the nuance of human color along with the distinction of struggle experienced moving through an ever-evolving history, one page after another. 

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