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Aphantasia : Blind Mind

Jan 4 - Feb 7, 2022

Ray Swaney is a painter who mainly creates abstract compositions. Swaney has a condition called Aphantasia, which renders him incapable of visualizing images in his mind. Where most people can read a book and visualize a scene as a writer describes it, Swaney cannot do this. Naturally, he gravitated toward abstract painting as a method of expressing himself artistically. 

Since the artist’s condition makes it difficult for him to plan a painting, he begins his process by laying down some lines and splotches of paint as he feels. From there, he is able to respond to the paint that’s been applied. Abstract work requires intuition and the ability to improvise as necessary, which Swaney has embraced. He responds to his own mark-making until he feels as though a piece has been finished and no more visual responses are necessary to balance his paintings. 

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