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The Centenarian project

In 2021, Calhoun County Senior Services started a special project in honor of our local centenarians. Senior Services interviewed the centenarians to gather their life stories, including tales of adventure, travel, loss and love. To supplement these stories, they hired BluFish to capture engaging portraits of each individual. Together, Senior Services and BluFish have beautifully documented the lives of Calhoun County's local treasures in celebration of the grand achievement of living to be 100+ years old.

Seniors are a neglected demographic in the vast majority of communities in the United States. We often fail to offer proper care and attention to our elders. Seniors have been pillars of our community and have lived rich, interesting lives by which we can all learn from. The Centenarian project pays homage to the most seasoned members of our community who have so much to share with those who are willing to listen. 

Eastend thanks BluFish for sponsoring this exhibition. 

Photography by Eric Ebner

The mission of Calhoun County Senior Services is to enhance, promote, and ensure the availability of needed quality services for Calhoun County seniors through effective and efficient allocation of County Senior Millage resources.  Calhoun County Senior Services administers and monitors the use of senior millage funds, organizes special events for older adults, advocates for improved services in the community by identifying needs and promoting collaboration, and helps seniors connect to services.