Salina Kalnins

Prudent Mariner
April 9 - May 14

Lighting the Way for Eeg.jpg

Salina Kalnins uses nautical charts as the base for her landscapes and seascapes. The map shows through the painting like it’s been superimposed with software. Salina strives to allow the viewer to find familiarity and connection by showing specific locations in her paintings, both in the nautical chart and in the scene itself. Her focus is conveying a sense of peace and tranquility. It’s okay to sit, relax, and do nothing but stare out over the water.


Prudent Mariner is titled after a saying in the nautical world that states, “The prudent mariner will not rely solely on any single aid to navigation”. In other words, you may know your destination, but getting there takes a whole lot more than just a map.

Shoreline Serenity for EeG.jpg