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Rich Bayes

Mostly Michigan
Feb 26 - April 2, 2022


Mostly Michigan is aptly named, as the majority of Rich’s work capture Michigan scenes and subject matter. The show is composed of lakeshore, barns, and landscapes that depict the seasonal diversity experienced in the Midwest. 

Rich excels at capturing the light in teh moment. Light is a crucial feature of art. We use it to create focal points and draw attention. While you view Rich’s paintings, pay close attention to what is “lit up” within the composition. Look for the objects or areas that have been given more detail. 

Even though light is used to emphasize, Rich enjoys the challenge of working with dreary Michigan weather. Some days there is no light to help an artist highlight a social point. In this case, Rich must give extra care to a painting, creating focal points with texture and detail rather than utilizing natural light. It’s an act of love and a total embrace of the Midwest, the place Rich Bayes calls home. 

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