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Nod to the Bod
Sep 15 - Oct 30, 2019

Reception: October 15th, 5-7pm

Featuring: Brent Harris, Mary Hatch, Nora Venturelli, and Alex Tintyrn

The human body is a precious vessel. If we care for it, it cares for us. Nod to theBod revolves around sensuality and anatomy, and pays homage to the human form. Some artists in this group show work with accurate representations of the body, and others prefer abstractions, or rather an impression of our anatomy. 
The diversity in style also speaks to the fact that there is no perfect representation of the human body. Distaste in our own bodies is not a rare phenomenon. Certain forms within the show appear strained and contorted, as if trying to escape their own physical body. This reminds us that appreciation of this physical gift from nature is not universal. Other works in the show pay close attention to detail in a labor of love to render the human form as realistically as possible. Love it or hate it, our bodies are ours until nature decides we’re done with them. Nod to the Bod simply appreciates them for what they are: perfectly imperfect. 

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