Eastend Studio & Gallery is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization since 2011. The purpose of Eastend is to encourage, promote, educate, and cultivate the arts throughout Marshall and the surrounding area. We exhibit local and regional art. By bringing our creative community together, we strive to improve the lives of our artists and enrich our community at large through exposure to visual art and art education.

Founded in 2006,  Eastend Studio & Gallery operated as an artist co-op until 2010, that included a handful of artists and community members, Eastend began as a grassroots movement which sought to ignite a renaissance in artisan products and the cottage industries. Since its inception, it has become a destination for fine art and venue for fine art exhibitions. 


In March of 2012, Eastend found its home at 143 West Michigan Avenue in the Wagner's Block Building in historical Marshall, Michigan. Our building was designed by Chicago architect, John Mills Van Osdel. It was created in the Second French Empire Style.

Many wonder why our building is called the Wagner's Block. Named after Captain George Wagner (who commissioned the building), built in 1870-71, Captain Wagner held his patent office on the 2nd floor for medicines he held patent to in the late 1800's. Since then, the building has been home to several mercantile businesses. 

​Eastend was founded in part by Michael Peck in 2006, a native Marshallite who made a career in NYC who specializes in indoor wall treatments. Peck has created numerous theater sets and painted/designed the Lilac room at the Grand Hotel. Artists Shelly Preston and Kimber Thompson were instrumental in its development. We began as Greenstreet Arts, in Marshall’s Masonic Temple, with around 13 artists. 

We purchased a larger venue, became an official nonprofit, and received grant funding that allowed us to develop a successful education program. We now show dozens of artists in our New Work program and host several art workshops each week.