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Youth Art Programs

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2022 - 2023 School Year

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Classes run all school year. We open registration in 3 month increments to account for changes in class schedule. 

Classes are set up in monthly sessions. Single day passes are available. Consider purchasing a Season Pass for your student. Season Passes are an annual fee that allow students to register for any session for the duration of the school year. Season Passes can be purchased here


Little Artist Studio 1   Pre - K

First Thursday of the month 11AM - 12 PM 

Students aged 3 - 5  will hear a story then create art based on it. Parents are welcome to stay but it is not required. 


Artist Studio I - Kindergarten - Grade 2 

$13 per session or $48 per month


In this one hour class, students will create art while learning and developing their skills in variety of styles and mediums. They will do painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media. This class is offered as after school or daytime class. 

Artist Studio II - 3rd - 5th  Grade 


 $16 per session or $60 per month

In this 90 minute class, students will create works of art using and further developing skills and techniques.  They will use a variety of materials and media including drawing, painting sculpture and mixed media. This class is offered as an after school or a daytime session.



Artist Studio III - 6th - 12th  Grade 

$16 per session or $60 per month

This 90 minute class will allow students to use techniques and skills they have learned while exploring new and creative ways to use them. Students will be able to make choices in media and style for many projects. This class is offered afterschool or as a daytime class.  


Ceramics & Sculpture - 6th - 12th  Grade 

$90 for a six week session

In this 90 minute class, Students will do a variety of projects using sculptural mediums, including clay. Ceramic projects will include hand-built and wheel-thrown techniques. 

Wednesdays @ 1 is  



Arts & Crafts - 6th - 12th  Grade 

$16 per session or $60

Students will explore several traditional crafting methods like include weaving, needlework, printmaking, and more. 90 minute class


Our education program is sponsored in part by the Michigan Council for Art and Cultural Affairs, the National Endowment for the Arts, Marshall Community Foundation, Battle Creek Community Foundation, Eaton Foundation, and Cronin Foundation

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