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Arts Midwest

Michael Pfleghaar

Nature / Nurture

April 7- May 31

Newest gallery exhibition by Grand Rapids artist Michael Pfleghaar. His work explores botanicals, still life, and mid-century modern design. Pfleghaar’s use of saturated colors and play on perspective is a must see.


“At a basic level, my practice has always centered around documenting my life. Early on I realized how the things we choose to surround ourselves with are a reflection of self. Inanimate objects have always been surrogates for the figure in my work. I tend to compartmentalize the elements and thus create a conversation between objects. Mid-century modern and contemporary furniture, lighting, objects, as well as houseplants, become a document of what surrounds me as an archeological record.


Straddling between representation and abstraction, embracing imperfection,
simplification, hard edges, tension, and materiality is how I approach painting. As in the Japanese concept of Ma, the negative space is just as important as the positive space and gives reverence to the picture's flatness. Relationships between shapes and the edges of the picture plane are another design tool I often employ while striving to capture the spirit of modernism and objecthood in both realism and abstraction.”



This artist talk is made possible by a grant from Arts Midwest, which supports, informs, and celebrates Midwestern creativity—building community and opportunity across our region and beyond.

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