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Gift Shop Guidelines for Artists

Work can be submitted to for consideration.

Artist Contact: Once work has been submitted, the gallery will reach out to you within a week if your work has been selected for representation. You do not need to contact the gallery.

Submission Requirements: Please provide only the requested pieces and avoid sending additional works.

Artwork Refresh: Artists are responsible for refreshing or swapping out their pieces seasonally or quarterly if possible. We will contact you if more work is needed.

Unframed 2D Work: Ensure unframed 2D artworks are packaged with a backboard and cellophane wrap.

Framed Work Presentation: The presentation of framed work should look professional and elevate the artwork. We reserve the right to decline work or request rematting/framing if it does not meet gallery presentation standards.

Responsibility: Artists are responsible for the maintenance and quality of the work they bring to the gallery.

Documentation: Artists must provide a signed contract and a W9 tax form.

Inventory List: Please submit a handwritten or typed inventory list detailing the work you are showcasing, along with the prices. Note that artists receive 65% of the total sale price, with the gallery retaining 35%. The artist is responsible for pricing their work with this in mind. Whatever price is written down is what it will be sold for in the gallery.

Larson Exhibition Guidelines

Artist Contact: Once work has been submitted for an exhibition, the gallery will reach out to you within one month, indicating your work has been selected for an exhibition. Please do not to reach out to the gallery.

Advance Scheduling: Exhibitions are scheduled by the gallery a year in advance.

Separate Space: Note that the Larson Exhibition space is different from the gift shop and hosts other artists' displays for a limited time.

Presentation: Ensure that your work is presented in a professional manner, including its framing.

Label Information: Each piece of artwork should include a label with the artist's name, title, medium, and price for resale.

Exhibition Needs: Provide the show title, artist's name, and a bio.

Submissions can be sent to

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